Sunday, June 25, 2006

Prize in the competition: 'Europark' - Nicosia

Τα αποτελέσματα του διαγωνισμού: ‘Πάρκο Ευρώπης με την φιλοτέχνηση έργου με θέμα Η Αρπαγή της Ευρώπης από τον Δια Ταύρο’ που έγινε στην Λευκωσία.
Μεταξύ 32 συμμετοχών επιλεχθήκαμε για συμμετοχή στην δεύτερη φάση του διαγωνισμού. Η ομάδα μελέτης ήταν: Χριστιανα Ιωάννου, Δάφνη Κοκκίνη, Κατερίνα Λώλου, Σπύρος Νάσαινας, Χρίστος Παπαστεργίου

Europe Park with an Artistic Composition Representing
“The Abduction Of Europa By Zeus, The Bull”

The Panel of Judges has unanimously agreed to award the first prize to the proposal with code number 220356, which was presented by Mr Theodoulos Grigoriou on behalf of his team. The proposal was among the four proposals listed below, which advanced to the second stage:

Proposal with code number 220356 – Team leader Mr Theodoulos Grigoriou
Proposal with code number 035622 – Team leader Mr Theodoulos Grigoriou
Proposal with code number 110196 – Presented by the team of AA + ‘U’ PARTNERSHIP FOR ARCHITECTURE ART AND URBANISM and
Proposal with code number 353522 – Team leader Ms Christiana Ioannou

A total of thirty-two (32) proposals participated in this project competition.
The date set for the exhibition of all the proposals and the award ceremony will be announced in due course.

12 May 2006


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